I often find my self thinking about the past and all the shitty things I did, all the people in my life that I’ve hurt. And all the love I’ve been given. I am afraid that I’m going to forget all those moments, it’s been a long time, years, and my mind it’s getting old, memories start to pile up and it’s like a queue, first in, first out. So I have to stay up every night and relive it all. Every smile, every look, every word and every tear. Mine and yours. Only that my tears came too late, when the damage couldn’t be reversed and now I can only think about what could’ve been. And believe me, I tried to forget you, I so wanted to forget you, but how can I if every time I close my eyes, you are there? I see you standing on the platform, looking at me as I took the train to a life without you. And I miss your voice, your hands, your eyes and yours „i love you”.

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